10 Best Holiday Main Dishes & Meals

Wow your guests with a creative roasted dinner or serve up one of the most incredibly easy meals you've ever laid eyes on.

  1. Butter-Infused Turkey with Shallot Gravy

    Butter-Infused Turkey

    Garlicky butter added deep into the meat mingles with the turkey's natural juices as it roasts. This simple but genius technique keeps the bird moist at all times.

  2. Napa Prime Rib

    Napa Prime Rib

    Generous marblind makes this special-occasion beef roast a decadent centerpiece. Roasting the meat at high heat briefly and then finishing it on low creates a magnificent mouthwatering crust.

  3. Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin with Red-Hot Apples

    Prosciutto-Wrapped Pork Loin

    Roasted to perfection, pork loin is a succulent feast. A prosciutto wrap looks gorgeous and lends a distinct and delicious flavor to every bite.

  4. Southwestern Stuffed Flank Steak

    Southwestern Flank Steak

    Transform this affordable cut into an eye-catching meal with the addition of a simple seasoning rub and cornbread stuffing mix doctored up with green chiles.

  5. Fruit-Glazed Holiday Ham

    Fruit-Glazed Holiday Ham

    Give your ham a makeover with one of three delicious new glazes. While roasting, glaze caramelizes into a sticky crust, adding complex flavors to the hickory smoked pork.

  6. Prime Rib Dinner

    Prime Rib Dinner

    Prime rib is a classic Christmas dinner dish, and Hy-Vee prepares it perfectly. With the choice of many sides and desserts, there's an option for everyone.

  7. Gourmet Holiday Feast

    Holiday Feast

    If you're hosting a large holiday gathering, take home the Gourmet Holiday Feast. It serves 18-20 people and has all the classic holiday dishes.

  8. Applewood Pit Ham

    Applewood Pit Ham

    The pit ham has a sweet golden glaze on the surface, and the inside is cooked to perfection. Add a few holiday garnishes for a feast that looks homemade.

  9. Hickory House Smoked Meat Dinner

    Hickory House Smoked Meat Dinner

    The aromas of turkey, pork, and beef blend in harmony when smoked with hickory. Add baked beans and cornbread, and it's time to eat.

  10. Zesty Italian Dinner

    Zesty Italian Dinner

    Creamy, saucy pastas and warm oven-baked breadsticks are the heart and soul of this beloved menu. With food this delicious, you'll want to have seconds.

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